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Nathan to Joss Whedon ‘Just in my expirence usually, if you have couple of weeks off. You make a movie………..with me’.

He is such a nerd.

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This cracks me up so much. LOL Stana.


castle rewatch » a chill goes through her veins

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They look like they’ve just sat their kid down and are about to tell them their punishment for something.

They’re not angry. Just very, very disappointed.

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screencap meme → castle and beckett + full body shots

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I appreciate Montgomery’s order of priorities.

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have some sass for your dash

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30 Day Castle MemeDay Twenty → Favourite Beckett Expression: the look

"Please don’t tell me after four years you don’t actually know the look."

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We got a chance to see how deeply Beckett cares about Castle. It was a moment that shined, especially at the end of the hostage episode. This is one of the first episodes ever where Castle is the one in danger and Beckett is his hero coming to save him. We’ve had so many episodes where in the course of her journey to resolve her mother’s murder, she’s been in danger and he’s been the one to come to her aid. This was a moment to show the other side of that relationship in that she cares for him just as much as he cares for her.
Stana Katic talking about the epic Caskett scene in the Cops and Robbers episode [x] (via stephid)
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