So roar, be fearless, and go chase those dreams!


Au meme: Beckett and Castle as Nikki Heat and Jameson Rook

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So this happened

I seriously choked on my own saliva when this post came across my dash.

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#LOLOLOL #castle
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Beckett knows what she wants

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Yeah, I can’t not reblog this.

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"When we first told Stana a little about the story-line, she was so excited that she was gonna get to be tortured. So very excited." - Andrew Marlowe

In The Belly Of The Beast Commentary
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She was a devout believer in the truth, and if she were here right now, she’d tell you the truth can never hurt you. This may be your mother’s way of reaching out to you, Katie, and reminding you that the truth is still your weapon to wield, not theirs.

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"captures a moment and will be forever"


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You believe me? I never stopped.

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